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At CBX Electronics our application oriented field sales force is armed with an in depth knowledge of the sales process as well as product and application expertise to help you implement solutions tailored for effective results.

Our success has been built upon the strong and trusting relationships we have with our Principals and our Customers.

Our continued support of the distribution network we serve insures their success as well.

New Product Update:

Consolidated Electronic Wire and Cable
Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product - Our new eBook, Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product, discusses the necessary information to consider when selecting a wire and cable manufacturer to work with

Click here to obtain a copy of Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product.

DAU Thermal Solutions NA Dau Thermal Solutions Inc. Provides industry leading thermal management solutions and world class heatsinks

American Zettler Displays Complete LCD Solutions

ZephiQ Energy Storage Project - The discovery of an electrical energy storage material that will revolutionize entire industries relying on electrical energy storage.

Beware Neutrik Knock Offs - Innovation not Imitation

Application Notes:

Bud Modifications Planning Guide

Relay General Application Guidelines

Connector Contacts - Gold, Silver and Tin - Connector pins don’t seem to get the kind of attention that they should deserve.

American Zettler Relay Technical Notes

Everything you ever wanted to know about relays but didn't know where to go!

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